4×4 minivan camper van

What is a 4×4 Camper Van?

A compact camper is a converted van or van. You can use them for daily use and transport and at the same time they are equipped with everything you need for your vacation.

4×4 Camper Van can be considered as Compact motorhomes or minivans:

The compact is a closed van converted into a camper van. Ideal for daily use and freight transport. All the essentials for a holiday are in, on and on. This class only lacks space. The bed sizes are therefore usually limited, the furniture work is sometimes tight and only the cabin seats are spacious in terms of seating comfort. Of course, it does not end with storage space. The floor space is occupied with two people, let alone an entire family. A raised camper van or raised roof with bed provision will then provide just those two extra sleeping places. And not only for the children, but also for guests. That all sounds negative, yet the small compact motorhome is more popular than ever. He is the closest of all campers to camping. The small size (width two meters) makes it easier to steer and maneuver. They are fully furnished from more than 4 meters. This makes such a van fit into any standard parking space. The fastest bus camper of this moment is limited to 190 km / h.

3 Types

There are roughly 3 types.

  • Firstly, the van-based vans in the Renault Kangoo class. Unfortunately, these usually do not meet the requirements that the Dutch RDW and Tax Authorities set for the classification. It is prescribed, among other things, that a fictional volume of (lxwxh) 200 x 90 x 170 centimeters fits into it. If that is not possible, such a mini-camper will not be eligible for a reduced road tax rate for campers.
  • Second group are the lower delivery vans such as the Peugeot Partner or VW Transporter. They are equipped with a loading space with a height that stays between 130 and 170 centimeters. Those motorhomes may be provided with a lifting roof to be able to live as an official camper.
  • Group three cars, say Fiat Ducato and Ford Transit, meet the load space requirements as standard. In terms of classifications, the mutual differences are small there. Those who do not succeed can go to one of the many Dutch installation companies to design their own interior. Although winter camping is also possible with the bus camper – the huge sliding door is then the biggest disadvantage – the comfort of insulation cannot be compared to that of the build-up campers below.

Benefits Compact

  • Flexible to use
  • Compact dimensions
  • Low maintenance

Cons Compact

  • Living space
  • Comfort
  • Sliding door

It’s easy to rent a motorhome in America!

Would you like to rent a cheap camper in America? Then this tip will definitely help you! Who doesn’t dream of taking a road trip through America with such a large camper? Visit cool cities such as New York, Las Vegas or San Francisco and of course the world famous nature parks cannot be missed during your camper trip. Now you probably think that this is incredibly expensive right away, but that can also be super cheap. There are offers from as little as $1.00 per night!

How can you rent a camper in America so cheaply?

When the campers come from the factory, they must be taken to the rental locations. That costs a lot of money and that’s why they have found a creative solution for this that you as a traveler can make good use of. You can take the camper to a different city for a bargain price and you may take up to 35 days to do so.

What is included with bringing such a camper?

The offers are different every time, but you almost always get a brand new camper and often extras are included, such as mileage packages, preparation costs and inventory costs. The start and end points of your journey are fixed, but you also have the freedom to plan a nice travel route. You get all the stuff that you need to live in the camper so you don’t have to buy it yourself. Are you not satisfied with the number of miles included? If you want to make long detours, you purchase extra miles.

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