Can you wash your car with washing up liquid?

Washing your car with dishwashing liquid is possible, but it must be done occasionally to avoid damaging the paintwork of the vehicle — explanations by

Use dishwashing liquid to wash the car

Can you wash your car with washing up liquidThe car wash is quite an art; we can not limit ourselves to a passage to the rollers or the powerful jet to remove traces of dirty, it is often necessary to regularly wash the car by hand with a suitable sponge, which allows erasing all remaining traces. The car care professionals offer shampoo to wash his car. Still, these cleaning products are not necessarily mandatory, we can use a household product such as dishwashing product that produces the same effect, or even that ensures a cleaner cleaning and a brighter finish than an auto shampoo. , the use of the washing up product must have remained moderate.

The advantages of washing up liquid for the car

Dishwashing liquid is a concentrated cleaning product, just a few drops diluted in water to effectively wash the vehicle. The interest of this product is to be degreaser, rubbing with a sponge can quickly clear the traces of dirty and mainly to produce a glossy appearance. It is above all the level of concentration that makes it very efficient to wash by hand; the friction produced with the sponge will be more potent than a pure high-pressure jet. By doing more or less active, we can achieve a more or less faultless result.

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Are there any disadvantages to nature or the car?

Dishwashing products often contain allergenic fragrances and preservatives, components that can create irritation on the skin or allergies; some products include more than others. It is, therefore, necessary to focus on concentrates that respect the environment because the washing of the car will take place outdoors, either in the garden path, on a sidewalk, or a parking lot. It is better to wash the car in a space where the wastewater can be recovered and recycled, rather than to allow the water to disperse in nature and especially in the soil.

Regarding the vehicle, the concentration of the washing up product can “attack” the bodywork over time, so do not “overdose” the washing up the product and perform this cleaning every two months. Alternating with water-jet washing and dishwashing is a good alternative.

How to wash the car?

A bucket of water is enough to wash a car thoroughly, and you can clean an SUV with10 liters of water. Just pour dishwashing liquid (50 ml will suffice) into the bottom of the bucket and fill it with hot water. It is the combination of warm water with washing up liquid that will make the vehicle very clean. Then apply on the car with a suitable sponge (no kitchen sponge with scratching side, primarily…). It is advisable to proceed in portions, that is to say, to do the back, rinse immediately, then one side and clean, and so on. Good wash!

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