Car recovery: the sites where to sell your car

Selling your used car is not always a pleasure for individuals. Which address ? On which website do you take back your car?

Reselling a car has a number of constraints: you have to evaluate the price of your car, place ads, meet potential buyers. So, the historic dealers had the idea to propose the recovery of your old car against the purchase of a new one. Today, this concept is taken up by many used sales sites, some of which are more serious than others. And in most cases, the recovery is done without purchase condition.

The car recovery sites

In direct competition with classified ad sites, car recovery sites have blossomed on the Web in recent years. And they are no longer the reserved hunting ground of the builders. Many garages specialized in used cars have found there a new manna. This system has undeniable advantages for the seller. The counterparty will be a lower price offer than the argus rating.

How do these sites work?

The sites where to sell his car appear almost all on the same pattern. First, the seller asks for an online estimate of his vehicle. To do this, it is necessary to bring the car registration and exact mileage of the car. Then, if the seller is interested, he will have to go to the dealership for a more realistic estimate. And in general, the estimate of the dealer is well below that given by the site. If the owner agrees to the sale, he receives the agreed sum in a very short time. The dealer does not wait to sell the car to pay the seller.

Where to sell your car?

We have selected three addresses of car recovery sites from those making the most accurate online estimates. is the recovery platform of the specialist Aramis Auto. is a site set up by the Alvergnas dealer. And finally,, which has a rather well-developed network of garages in USA.

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