How to choose a car tire?

how to choose tires for car

What to keep in mind while choosing a car tire?

The choice of tires for a car is not always obvious, between brand tires and first price but also between summer and all-season tires, how do you choose tires? We enlighten you.

The importance of tires on a car

The tire is the only element that connects the car to the road; in other words, it is on the tire that the safety of the passengers rests and especially the adhesion of the automobile. It is, therefore essential to devote a little time and budget to avoid road trips with more or less severe consequences.

There are different types of gums, soft gums, and hard gums that will adapt to dry weather and wet weather, both hot and cold. Summer tires are usually installed on vehicles; they are the most popular and best-selling tires. Some will buy in the winter a set of adapted tires, that they will put on during the cold weather. Others will opt for all-season tires, ideal when you do not drive very much.

How to identify the limit of the tire?

The maximum wear of 1,6mm

how to choose tires for carThere is clear legislation in the Highway Code, which states that you can not drive with deteriorated tires, that is to say with a tire tread depth of less than 1.6 mm. Just pass your hand in the grooves of the tire to touch the indicator wear, which is 1.6 mm.

Wear due to a lack of geometry

A tire can also be worn because of a defect in geometry; that is to say, that the wheels are no longer focused on the road; they can go inwards or outwards; it can be acted on both front wheels or one. A geometry defect is identified with abnormal wear on one side of the tire, inside or outside, but inside; it is not always possible to perceive the fault. A passage on the bench can help to see more clearly.

The age of the tire

A tire is designed to have a life of 5 years, beyond which the rubber begins to dry out and crack. To check the age of the tire, it is possible to check on the blank the number entered, it is generally four figures surrounded, like this one: 1217. The first two numbers correspond to the week and the two next ones to the year of manufacture. Thus, we know that beyond five years, the tires will be expected.

How to choose my new tires?

If you drive many kilometers, you have to focus on summer tires, ideally brand because the first prices will only make a dozen thousand kilometers while you can climb up to 40 000 km on branded tires, like Michelin or Bridgestone for example.

If the vehicle is secondary and only used for short trips, it is better to opt for four seasons tires; they adapt more quickly to changes in climate. The summer tire will be more efficient in summer, while the winter tire will perform better below 7 ° C. We must also take into account its geographical environment to choose the right tire.