How to fix broken car window and temporary cover?

Ice break guarantee, explanations

Broken car windshield, damaged windows or broken rear window … Do you have an impact on your windshield and want to know the rate of coverage by your insurer? Here are some tips for understanding what the ice break guarantee covers and how to get your car insurance covered while being well compensated.

What to do if you face breakage of ice?

Ice Break: How are you covered?
During a disaster that has an impact on your windshield, it is, in general, the breakage warranty that comes into action. This warranty does not appear in all contracts. In general, it is in the following cases:

If you are insured all risks or extended third, third plus, intermediate or median formula. Check your contract to be sure.
If you have purchased the breakage guarantee in addition to your original contract.
If you do not have a specific guarantee, other options may intervene depending on the circumstances: for example, natural disaster guarantees or storms in case of climatic events or the accident damage cover in the event of an accident …

This is also the case when ice breakage is attributable to a third party. The guarantees will be different according to the person in charge: for example, a thief tried to steal your car by breaking the front door of your vehicle. In the latter case, theft and burglary guarantee covers your damages. You must then complain to activate it. This second rule, however, varies by insurer.

What does the ice break guarantee include?
It can cover the following elements:

  • Front and rear windshields
  • Side windows
  • The windows of the doors
  • Headlights
  • The roof, opening or not
  • Damage to mirrors, taillights, turn signals, glass, ice or organic glass is often excluded. Check your TOC for details of your warranty.

Has your cracked windshield repaired or changed?
Only some damage is considered repairable by garage owners. Others inevitably give rise to a change of the glass invoked. Items that can be restored obey the following rules:

  • The impacts must be smaller than a 2 euro coin, be outside the driver’s field and be more than 4 cm away from the edges of the windshield.
  • The cracks are less than 30 cm and are not in the driver’s field of vision either.
  • Any damage in the driver’s field gives rise to a change of the element.
  • What is the cost of replacing your windshield in case of broken windows?

The price of replacing your windshield or repairing a glare depends on your warranties and your insurance coverage. If your windshield can be fixed, for example a micro impact, ask for a simple repair of your glass, with resin. Indeed, there is generally no deductible for repairs, unlike the installation of new windshields. There are also ice breakage guarantees without deductibles that fully support the replacement of the ice.

In some cases, the breakage of ice is unsupported, or a franchise may remain at your expense according to your warranties. If you do not have a warranty extension, your car insurance will only cover part of the damage in the event of a claim. Check in your general conditions or inquire directly with your insurer.

What should you do to be compensated?
To be compensated easily and quickly, you must respect 3 main stages.

Cover the broken glass or windshield or protect the damaged area to prevent damage from spreading.

Report the claim to your insurer within five business days of breaking the ice. Do not repair anything without the prior agreement of the insurer. Download your standard claim letter and send it to your insurer. To find your customizable claim template, click here .

Your insurer will detail your damage with you and often refer you to an authorized garage . You will have to pay to this garage only the possible franchise , the amount which remains to your load after the repair. You have generally chosen it when you purchase your car insurance.

In case of broken ice, can you have a penalty or be terminated?
In principle, a broken glass or a scratch on a windshield, does not cause a penalty: your insurance premium should not increase. In this case, the insurer may decide to terminate if this claim occurs frequently. It will be difficult for you to find insurance at a lower cost. The number of broken glass is an indicator to know in which case to make work your guarantee breakage of ice. If you do this again, you may end up without insurance.