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The basics of the motorhome

Have a dream holiday by carrying out some routine checks every 2/3 days and taking into account the particularities of the motorhome.

  • Empty wastewater in specialized places
  • Check vehicle levels
  • Fill up with water and electricity
  • Take into account the height and size of the vehicle
  • Be careful when taking the wind when riding at a high speed
  • Park your motorhome flat with the help of the holds

Caring owners

The day of your departure, meet the owner and exchange with him. As a seasoned camper, he will reassure you and explain the operation, techniques to maneuver and maintain the vehicle. Feel free to ask questions about its favorite destinations or service areas for a great stay.

Some tips

Before leaving

Make sure you have all the necessary documents, such as the insurance certificate for example, and provide the linen if it is not provided. You can also take away board games to keep your kids occupied while traveling.

The parking

If you do not show signs of camping, you can park wherever a car can. Also locate service areas or car parks through specialized sites. A premium subscription to Caramaps is offered for all rentals on the site.


Even if the camper is new to you, do not forget that you go on vacation! Traveling trips are great adventures and our customer service is there to enlighten you when needed.

Motorized, fifth wheel or trailer for sale in USA: how to choose?

VR towable or motorized?

First of all, before buying your new or used recreational vehicle, it is important to determine from the start whether you want to purchase a towable trailer (be it a Fifth Wheel or a trailer) or motorized. This will allow you to know immediately which category of RV to orient you.

The motorized: Two in one

The main advantage of the motorized vehicle is that it allows its occupants to use their caravan as both carrier and home, which gives them the opportunity to practice activities while on the move. For example, while parents drive, children can play games or sleep inside the trailer. In addition, once arrived at destination, the carrier quickly turns into living space. The occupants only have to connect their vehicle to the water, electricity and sewer systems and that’s it. They are now ready to camp.

The main disadvantage, besides its higher price and higher fuel consumption, is that it does not allow, like the towable caravan, to detach the trailer and use the tractor for a walk and explore the surroundings once at your destination. It’s up to you to choose the category you prefer.

The towable vehicle: fifth wheels and trailers

For the purposes of this article, we will focus on the other category of RVs, the towable vehicles, which include the classic caravan, the fifth wheel, the sport utility vehicle (VRUS or Fifth Wheel Cargo). ) and the cargo trailer (or garage). How to make your choice, therefore, among the wide range that awaits you on the market?

The price: an important criterion for choosing a trailer

The first thing to consider is the maximum price you are willing to pay for your RV. If your maximum budget is $ 35,000, there is no point in coveting and shopping for luxury models worth more than $ 50,000. Like a home, the first factor to consider before you buy a RV is your budget. Once it’s set, you’ll be able to start looking at the RV models that match your price range.

Determine your needs

To choose from the trailers for sale , it is important to analyze your needs, because it is mainly the latter that will guide you in your final decision.

For example, if you are a couple traveling with four children, you will not only have to opt for a model that includes at least two beds – three with yours – but you will also have to think about providing a cloisonné space that will allow you to have a little privacy. Remember that you will live in your RV for the duration of your trip, so it’s important to choose a convenient space for your needs.

RV Dealers near meOnce at your destination, do you plan to live outside or spend most of your time indoors? Do you need a large storage space for your luggage? Do you attach great importance to comfort? Do you need a bath or are you comfortable with just a shower? How many times a year do you plan to travel? For how long? What is the prevailing climate of the countries or regions you plan to visit? Do you travel with your bike or ATV? Here are some examples of questions you will need to think about before selecting your trailer or other type of new or used RV.

And anticipate them

A trailer or a fifth wheel is not the kind of good that is renewed every year. Normally, when making this type of purchase, it is for the next decade of our life (or more!). That’s why it’s important to anticipate your future needs, because once you’ve chosen your RV model, it will follow you for the next 10 years.

Try, as much as possible, to opt for an RV that will accommodate your longer-term needs. How old will your children be in six years? Will they still travel with you? Will you be planning your retirement? Will you have to buy another towable vehicle to carry your caravan? Do you even need to buy a new car at the moment to be able to tow your RV in USA or even to the United States? All these factors will be considered when choosing your new fifth wheel , used or your cargo trailer or not.

The length

When shopping for fifth wheels and trailers for sale, pay particular attention to its length. Certainly, you like comfort and want to enjoy maximum space to meet your needs and those of your family, but think that the longer the RV is, the more difficult it will be to move and manage it on a sloping terrain or when there are strong winds. If you plan to take winding and winding roads, it’s better to go for the fifth wheel, which offers more stability on the road, but is, on the other hand, more expensive than the classic.

The utility you plan to do

Are you planning on touring North America or using your RV to camp all summer at Lac Simon? Depending on the utility you plan to make, your choice of model will not be the same.

In general, it is advisable to opt for a longer RV if you plan to use it for camping on a site and for a smaller RV if you intend to travel long distances and change places often. .

The weight

Another factor that should not be neglected is undoubtedly the weight of the towable vehicle, since it will depend on your motorized vehicle to transport it. Before you buy your RV, you will need to make sure your car or truck is able to support the weight of your new purchase. If you do not, you may have to choose a smaller caravan model or be forced to buy a vehicle that is more suitable for RV towing.

This is by analyzing each of these factors and discussing with your advisor that you will be able to choose from the RVs for sale. And most importantly, take the time to think about it before signing your contract. After all, buying an RV is one of the most important investments you’ll make in your life.