Whats The Point Of A Car Loan

To finance the purchase of a vehicle, unless you have the necessary funds, auto credit is the most frequently used solution. The term “auto ” does not mean that credit is only used to acquire a car in the strict sense. The car loan with no advance can also be used to finance a motorcycle, a caravan or even a camper. Be aware, however, that when talking about auto credit, the loan is said to be “affected”. The money borrowed can only be used for the transaction for which the loan was made.

What is a car loan?

Auto loan, or auto loan, is a cash advance offered by a credit agency, a dealer or a bank, to finance a new or used vehicle when the buyer does not have the necessary funds for its purchase. It is therefore the lender that will pay the vehicle in its place, for him to repay a certain number of monthly payments previously defined by contract. Borrowing interest is added to the amount of the monthly payments.

What is the purpose of auto credit?

As the name implies, the auto loan is used to finance a vehicle or similar, whether new or used. The loan being assigned to the coveted property, the money can only be used to purchase it. The lender provides the necessary funds and you become the owner of your property once the entire loan is repaid. If it is relatively restrictive, auto credit has the advantage of protecting the consumer. Concretely, if you do not get your loan, the sale is automatically canceled. Take the case of an unscrupulous seller who abuses some of your weakness to sell you one of his vehicles in stock. Even if you sign a purchase order, the sale is conditioned by obtaining the car loan if you opt for this solution. The seller does not.

Good to know: Auto credit is the ideal solution to finance a car, if you want to become the owner of his property. The duration and rate of interest vary most often depending on the age of the vehicle and the amount borrowed.

How to get an Auto Credit?

Auto credit is a traditional financing method and has been used for many years. It can be obtained in several ways: – At his banker: Your banker is certainly the best person to offer you a car loan. Knowing your financial situation, he will advise you on your repayment capabilities and offer you a suitable solution. – From a credit institution: Many credit organizations that are well established also offer auto loans. Requests can even be made online, with agreement in principle in just a few minutes. – At a dealership:If you want to buy your car from a dealer, know that you can also partially or fully finance your car through it. Dealers work with credit companies and are well versed in this type of operation.

Good to know: If your banker feels that you will have difficulty repaying your loan, he or she will be more inclined to refuse you and perhaps offer you a better solution. Be aware that this is not always the case for credit institutions, which do not necessarily have the same criteria for calculation in relation to the debt ratio. As for the dealer, the latter will sometimes favor its sale in relation to your financial situation.

A simple and classic financing solution, auto credit is offered by most financial institutions. However, it is advisable to compare several offers before deciding, repayment amounts and interest rates may vary from one company to another. Similarly, insurance is strongly recommended. For a few extra euros, it can be very useful in case of a hard blow. It remains optional most of the time, but the game may be worth it.

The key points to remember: – The car loan is an assigned loan. – The sale is automatically canceled in case of refusal.

– Optional insurance can be very useful.

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